Transactions & Advisory

Transactions & Advisory

In a highly competitive environment, you need an advisor, like Afrinova, who will help you anticipate the risks, focus on the key issues and offer you sound, integrated and informed advice at all the stages of the deal and provide ongoing support after the deal. Our range of services include:

Corporate Finance

  • Joint ventures demand that joint venture partners have local knowledge of the business, laws and operating culture. We are able to assist clients through all these aspects when entering into a joint venture.

  • Project finance to fund business expansion, new acquisitions and debt restructuring through a host of intermediaries including identification of potential investors, private placements and listings. We are also able to assist in determining the optimal debt to equity structure.

  • Project syndication through identification of local and/or overseas investors for new or expansion projects both in East Africa and abroad

Due Diligence

  • Financial or operational due diligence involving verification of operations, management and material facts related to the business, thereby providing assurance on the financial and the commercial aspect of the business.

Valuation Services

  • Valuing businesses or individual components by adopting valuation methods based on International Standards on Valuation, taking into consideration the nature of the transaction and inherent factors associated with each valuation.

Capital market support & IPO

  • Transaction advisory services on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), privatisation and business combinations. Our team is able to guide clients through the complex aspects of the transaction by providing advice on the financial, legal and tax implications of the transaction, structuring the transaction and identifying potential investors. We are also able to advice on the listing requirements on regulated stock exchanges.

Financial Modelling

  • Preparing project feasibility studies to ensure that projects being undertaken are viable and sustainable. This involves assessing operational strategies, their financial implications and performing sensitivity analysis.